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final fantasy is an RPG, or 'role-playing game' created and developed by square enix. you get to command a series of characters, choosing how they fight and interact with the outside world! as of 2023, there are 16 main-line games, alongside a bunch of spin-off material. each story has unique, seperate tellings on themes such as love, loss, rebellion, and much more!

how'd you get introduced?

in november of 2022, i was in a huuuugee slump. i felt trapped, for lack of a better term and wanted something to distract myself. i asked my brother about this - final fantasy vii remake - i'd heard him rave so much about and he let me play it on his account. and i know, i know, "you played the remake first?!" in my defense !! my brother is an extremely vague person. i had no idea what i was getting into... but! i did end up playing the original immediately after beating the remake... so. there! then it alllll spiraled down (up?) hill from there.

why do you like it so much?

gosh, what's not to like! as i said before, i played it during a slump. i didn't know anything about anything! but it didn't matter. ffvii (and eventually the others like x, xv, etc.) made me feel so, so happy. each character is so remarkable - you can tell how much they care for one another. it's almost like you're apart of their little families ! i've always been an optimist, but the games refreshed some new hope in me - that even though life sucks sometimes, there's still a lot of good in the world to fight for, to cherish. and not only are the narratives heartwrenchingly excellent, the gameplay is super fun too! yeah, grinding can be annoying to some. but this is one game i truly don't mind doing it for. and the battles are intense as hell! they're so worth it !!


this section is for my totally unfiltered ramblings. they rotted my brain from the inside out and i'm not sorry


yeah, no surprise the first game i played is my favorite. shush, alright!? seriously though, i could talk about this game 5ever. the music is just. Wow. SO COOL!!! my ringtone has been the victory fanfare since i played it. the little polygon guys are also so chewable looking and the layouts fit so well. but what draws me in the most is the story. learning to trust people, to let them in and help. especially with the main protaginist, cloud. his evolution from not really caring about anything but his own survival to fighting for the world; as well as it's more flipped view of environmentalism. protecting the planet for the living & those who are now apart of said planet. it's powerful stuff!


holy shit. okay. you gotta understand. this is My Girl. aerith is my best girl in the whole entire world. i want to dip her in yogurt like a piece of fruit. aerith taught me a lot about myself, honestly. like me, she had herself seemingly tied to another; and even though we loved them a lot, we still had to be our own. she made me realize i can be a person outside of others, i don't have to Be solely for their sake. but our care and admiration can still exist and thrive just as it did. she's so strong and witty and beautiful, gosh i love her to bits... I AM HER NUMBER ONE DEFENDER!!!!


the newest addition to the ff family! i beat it around a month after it came out, and i still don't think i've recovered. it was... A Lot. i can't even count how many times i cried! it's just so damn moving!! the universe is an awfully cruel place more often than not. it seems like the only way to escape such fates is to give up - give it up. but then, what do you do with the kindness that's there too? you can't just ignore that, not when it fights so hard. humanity is imperfect, and always will be. but what makes life so precious, so worth it, is the love. love will always be there, and that can be enough. aughHHh sappy, huh? it's one of the heaviest final fantasies thus far, and i think it portrays things like trauma, reconciliation, and the like, super well! everyone is also just?? drop dead gorgeous?? sqenix please... i have a weak heart.